Monday, September 27, 2010

Step One

Perry and I have talked about it for years, always saying "someday, maybe." Well, lately we've felt many signs telling us to make a decision. Adopt, or close the door to the possibility. Last week, we attended an information session and left with the confidence that this is our path. Today, we filed the paperwork to adopt a Waiting Child from China.
When I told my mom, she asked "Why?." At first, I laughed, thinking she was asking why I would want to go through it all again, the sleepless nights, the potty training, and even bigger issues like attachment that we've never had to face. But what she really meant was "what made you decide the time was right?" We've had many signs lately. The precious adopted children of a friend at church, both Waiting Children from China. Random questions from Sarah and Abby about going to an orphanage and getting a baby sister. An old friend from high school who found me on Facebook and told me about his adopted girl from China. And then this information session, a week after I went online to start getting information.  That night at the meeting, we just felt such an overwhelming sense of peace. While other couples were struggling with which country, or even more basic questions such as domestic or international, we just felt confident that we were being called to China.
So today I filed our application with Lifeline Children's Services. It's a long process, probably 12-18 months, but we are filled with excitement and anticipation.