Saturday, March 1, 2008

Walk for UAB Transplant Games

Today we went downtown and walked to raise money to support the UAB Transplant Olympic Team. It was fun - they had music, and the girls got face tattoos, and there were lots of doggies to pet. Plus we saw our new friends Stephanie and Kevin from Trinity UMC. The walk was a mile, and we didn't take a stroller, so I was a little worried about S&A being able to do it. But they made it! There was a bit of whining about it being too long, and feet hurting, and being tired, etc., but they made it and they were very proud of themselves. They got medals and t-shirts so all was good. I'd like to think that this will be the first of many races/walks for us, but we'll see.
Tonight we went to the Wallace's house for dinner. P & I love Carrie and Stephen, and S&A love their kids Lauren, Clayton, and Catherine. So it was fun.

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