Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Zoo

I've been getting a bit nostalgic lately. The girls start kindergarten next year, and I'm so proud of them, so excited for them. But also sad, because I feel like I'm losing them in a way. I love our time together, and now it's going to be so limited. It seems like every day has become more important, and I want to remember it all...
We went to the Birmingham Zoo yesterday. It's a great little zoo, really. There are parts of it that I really don't like, mostly the older exhibits with the concrete enclosures, bars, windows, etc. But they're working hard to make it better. We loved the new kangaroo exhibit, the girls rode a camel (very cool), we saw the sea lion show, we thoroughly enjoyed the butterfly garden (one of them landed on Abby's back!), and then they cooled off with a romp in the fountain. An ideal morning - a memory.

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