Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oak Mountain State Park - WE LOVE IT!

Friday we went back to Oak Mountain. It had rained the day before, and it was a little cool (highs in the high 70s), so the beach was out. But that's OK - there are tons of hiking trails and other things to explore. So off we went, on an adventure! We decided to walk the Treetop Nature Trail up to the animal rehabilitation center. What a great hike! There are huge cages built for injured birds - we saw an albino vulture and a couple of owls. Awesome. The trail was beautiful; it followed and crossed a babbling brook and the canopy was gorgeous. The girls complained at first but then really started to enjoy it. It was only .3 miles each way, which was perfect for them. We crossed the Yellow Trail which I'd like to go back and try sometime. I'd also like to get a GPS so we can try geocaching - I think the girls would really enjoy it, and it might help them enjoy the woods more.

After checking out the animals, we came back down the trail and then had a picnic down by the lake. Then we went to the farm and petted all the animals. It was great, because there were a ton of babies - a donkey, some lambs, lots of goats, some chicks. This is a special place; you're free to walk around and check out the farm, and the animals are so gentle. The girls had a great time. The only problem was that we didn't have any hand time we'll definitely remember it!
Oak Mountain is probably my favorite thing about Birmingham. I love the feeling of being out in the woods, surrounded by trees and birds and's so peaceful. I hope I can help S&A discover the wonders of the great outdoors! Now, I wish I knew more about camping. I always love camping out, but whenever I've done it, I've been taken care of, you know, someone else cooks and sets up the potty and cleans and carries the gear. I'd like to learn how to do some of these things myself.

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