Monday, January 25, 2010

The Busy-ness of Six Year Olds

The girls are involved in a lot of activities these days. Too many, probably. It's a difficult balance, because I want them to explore their interests and figure out what they like. I also want to encourage them to stick with things when they make a commitment. And I try to push them in certain directions, knowing that I always regretted my lack of athletic ability and thought that perhaps I could have been at least average if only I'd had some lessons and practice when I was younger. So, all those many thoughts jumbled together, along with two little girls who are excited about trying new things, have resulted in a very busy schedule: church (twice a week), ballet, gymnastics, tennis, Daisies twice a month, talent show rehearsals, and soon horseback riding. We've talked about dropping gymnastics, but there are other things they want to try. It's exhausting. I know that we'll need to make some decisions before next year, when homework will become more of an issue. I hope they'll continue to dance (their dance instructor is already talking to them about being on the mini-competition team, so that would be an even greater commitment). And I hope they'll keep playing tennis. I love watching them on Saturday mornings. Abby still has a great backhand, and Sarah is really good at the volley. They're starting to move to the ball, and can easily hit it over the net from anywhere on the court.

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Lane said...

Janet, I applaud you for giving the girls this opportunity because I didn't have it when I was younger. Just let them know that, when they are tired, they need to let you know and it's okay and it will all work out. IF nothing else you are creating a great work ethic and dedication for future things in life...not to mention great coordination.:)
Love you! So glad you are back to the blogging!
Love A*F,