Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Busy weekend

We had a great weekend. Saturday the girls had a soccer game, and it was the best one so far. Typically, S&A stand around during the game, avoiding the ball and the group of kids surrounding it. Since we were missing our 3 best and most aggressive players this week, all the smaller and meeker players actually had a chance to kick the ball and play as a team. It was great to see the girls actually having fun on the field for a change.
P & I spent the afternoon hanging some pics and cleaning up. It doesn't sound very exciting, I know, but we've been here over 3 months and these are the first nails we've put in the freshly-painted walls. It just seemed significant; like we both finally acknowledge that this is really home.
Saturday night we had dinner with my sister Debbie and 3 of her kids, Justin, Logan, and James; my cousin Meg and her family; my aunt Sue and uncle Bill; and my cousin Scott and his wife Gail and son Price from Atlanta. SG&P spent the night; the girls LOVED Price and had a great time with him.
Sunday night we had a pumpkin-carving party. With kids running around and pumpkin guts all over the back deck, it really made this feel like home. We do have some great neighbors. And now all the neighbors have cool jack-o-lanterns.
Today the girls had a substitute teacher at school. Abby said "Miss Brenda (the sub) makes school even more funner." I'm glad that she likes her sub, but it makes me worry even more about her regular teacher. Despite her fun ideas and creative projects, I think she's too strict and regimented for a preschool class. I haven't figured out what to do about this, if anything.

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