Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Activities

S&A start every day by asking "What are we doing today?" I feel like a cruise director! But, I know they come by it honestly - I can't stand to sit home all day, either. I am trying to encourage them to play together every day so that I can get some things done, and I think we're making progress in that area. In the mornings, though, we try to go somewhere or do something fun. Here are a few of the activities we've enjoyed (or plan to enjoy) this summer:

tennis lessons


playing in the sprinkler

Free summer movies

Kids Bowl Free

Summer reading programs at the library

sno-cones! (yum)


Oak Mountain

Dollar Store

Michaels' dollar aisle

Sink or float?

We just finished reading Wizard of Oz and then we watched the movie. I was worried that they would be scared (because those flying monkeys really freak me out), but they both enjoyed the book and the movie. I loved the discussion we had about the differences between the two! Trying to decide what book to read next.

This afternoon we had fun finger-painting on our new picnic table (an early birthday present from the Richardsons). I brought out the paints, and they asked for brushes. When I told them we were finger-painting, they both took one little finger and very carefully started spreading the paint. I took both my hands and spread the paint all over my paper, and they squealed with delight. We had so much fun getting messy outside, and we love the new table so much that we decided to eat dinner outside too!

And, in other news...

Sarah finally lost her second tooth this week! Again, just like her other one and both of Abby's, the big tooth was fully erupted behind the baby tooth.

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