Wednesday, July 1, 2009

This Week

The girls and I went to Oak Mountain Monday morning to play at the beach. We took the J, as we affectionately call the Jeep, and I was a little worried because that's a pretty long trek on a hot day! But we had a blast getting there, especially driving through the tree tunnel on the road into the park. The beach was almost empty when we got there, and the temperature was perfect! We swam and built sand castles and played duck duck goose in the water and ate and swam and made mud pies. What a glorious morning! We were there three hours, so when we finally decided to head home we were hot, tired, and cranky. Not a good combination when you have to climb into the Jeep for a hot and loud drive home! Somehow Abby managed to sleep despite the wind and noise - when she's tired, she doesn't care where she is, she just sleeps. Just like her mom!
We went swimming with a friend yesterday, and this morning we went bowling (terrible action photo taken on my iPhone!). This afternoon we just hung out, playing games and swinging in the hammock and reading The Indian in the Cupboard. We're a little more than halfway through it now, and we're still loving it. It really is a looonnnnggg book, though! I have edited a few parts as I go along, especially the parts about the Indian scalping 30 white men. I just didn't want to have that conversation! But most of it is pretty kid-friendly.
Tomorrow they have a tennis lesson, we need to get to the library for more reading books, and we're getting ready for Emily (and Thomas and Leslie) who are coming in the afternoon. Should be a fun weekend!
Here's a pic of their new big-girl haircuts. Sarah has decided that hers isn't short enough, so we might be going back soon.

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