Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweetheart Dance

Saturday night was the annual Girl Scout Sweetheart Dance. (um, happy birthday to me, ...but anyway...)
Poor Sarah had been sick since Thursday night, but she was rallying because she really wanted to go. She only ate a few bites of dinner, and she wasn't full of energy, but she looked beautiful and she had a great time. Abby had a rough start due to a hair crisis. She really wanted to pull her hair back with sparkly things like Sarah, but she didn't like the way it looked with her bangs. We played with it, and fought about it, for about 30 minutes before she finally settled down and decided to go with a classic barrette. I can only imagine the scene 10 years from now as she's preparing for a formal. Ugh. (I really wish I'd thought to take some pictures during this process. It was so painful but also hilarious.)
Enjoy the pics. They make me cry.

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Lane said...

This is absolutely adorable! You two made some beautiful little girls!
Love A*F,