Thursday, April 26, 2012


Today I read this post, and said out loud, "adopted." Mollie was looking at the post with me, and she pointed at herself and said, "adopted." Beautiful. I have two friends who are beginning the adoption process, and so many friends who are going though these first few months of adoption with us. It seems like everyday I meet someone new who is adopting, or knows someone who is. Is it becoming more common, or is it like when you're pregnant, and you notice the pregnant women more? I'm not sure...but I am beyond amazed at the power of love.
If you didn't click through to the link above, please go there now. It's a beautiful description of the courage required in the adoption journey. And also a great adoption story. These are friends of friends, I don't know them personally. But many of you probably know them.
And now a few pics of our week. It just keeps getting better!

Making brownies!

Jeepin' it! (thanks Daddy, for installing a 3rd seatbelt in the back!)

"Helping" with dinner

Mollie is a very purposeful little girl. She loves to "help" make dinner, "wash" the dishes, swiffer, clean the house, make the beds, etc. She is very busy, busy, busy! It's exhausting, but so wonderful to watch. She is also getting better about detaching from me when she has to. She tells me "bye-bye" and watches me go, and is excited when I come back, but usually doesn't cry now. This morning at the gym, she played with a friend's little girl and then watched her leave to go to kindergarten kickoff. I said she was going to school, and Mollie said, "me school," then put on her backpack. It won't be long -  she's doing great and I'm so incredibly proud of her!

And one last thing. I've never advocated for a specific child before, but when I saw this video (password quentin1) of "Quentin" on Lifeline's website, I fell in love. He has meningocele, and a quick Google search said that  "As the nervous system remains undamaged, individuals with meningocele are unlikely to suffer long-term health problems." He's so precious, and seems so happy and full of life. I hope he finds his forever family soon.


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