Monday, August 13, 2012

Big Day

Today was Mollie's first day of 4K. I hadn't done much to prepare her, because 1) it snuck up on me; 2) she did great at "church camp" this summer so I wasn't overly concerned; and 3) I thought it would confuse her if I started talking about it too early. So, last night, after her bath, we started really talking about it. I told her she would make new friends, and play and share with them. I told her about her teachers. And I talked to her about nap time, because I figured that would be the hardest part of the day for her. She's going to an awesome school, and I know she's in great hands, but her days will be long, and she hasn't ever been away from me for more than a few hours. I just figured she would be getting tired and emotional after lunch, and napping in a room with a bunch of other kids might even bring back some memories for her.
As usual, she proved to be a tough cookie. This girl never ceases to amaze me with her willingness to go with the flow. She walked into the room this morning, put away her things, gave me and her sisters kisses, then walked off with her teacher to find something to play with. She said goodbye as we left and seemed perfectly happy. Of course I worried about her all day, trying to figure out what they were doing, and how Mollie was handling it all. At 3:00 I couldn't take it any longer, so we went to pick her up. We found her sitting in a chair in a semi-circle with the rest of the class, listening to her teacher explain the class rules. She was very excited to see us, and her teacher gave her a glowing report. "Great first day, played with friends, followed the routine, napped, very happy." Yes!!! I'm a proud mama! She said she really couldn't believe that Mollie has only been here six months, because she knows so much already. AND she said that Mollie talks a lot and they were able to understand most of what she said. I'm so happy!

And, of course I've been a bad blogger so I've missed posting so many things. I want to make sure I post about our week at the lake last week. Thanks to a silent auction and some very generous new friends, we were able to spend four nights in an amazing lake house on Lake Logan Martin last week with some of my family. We had a boat with lots of tubes to play on, a Seadoo, a pool table, and lots of comfortable chairs to relax in! Mollie had a blast and loved having more people to play with! At night she slept in a room with S&A and cousin Emily, and she did great. Her favorite things were driving the boat (especially when we were pulling Abby who liked it when we did lots of turns!), playing cards with "Saucy," and eating!

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phcrowe said...

I was waiting to hear about her day…I too was anxious! haha Glad to know she is happy at 4K....a testament to the trusting home you have created for her! Good job Moolie and good job other Turner's!