Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hi - Remember Me?

I haven't posted in a very long time, and I'm sorry about that. Life got complicated, and blogging seemed unauthentic. But I think I'm ready to try again.
To pick up at the last post, that night in her own room was short-lived. She cried for me around 11:15, came downstairs to her toddler bed, and didn't want to try it again. I didn't push the issue, and figured we'd try again this summer. Last week, S&A had a friend spend the night, and the 3 of them slept in Mollie's room since she has 3 beds. Mollie was very upset that they were in her room but she wasn't, so I told her she could sleep there the next night. Sarah and Abby agreed to sleep with her, and they did that successfully three nights in a row! We went out of town for a couple of days, and I worried that we'd be back to square one when we returned, but they are all sleeping happily together as I write! Progress! I told Mollie that we're getting rid of her toddler bed because it's for little girls, and she's a big girl like S&A. Now I have the rest of the summer to work on getting her comfortable in her room without her sisters, and falling asleep without me so I don't have to lay with her for 20 minutes.
Another big milestone: Mollie got glasses. She doesn't like them so it's been hard to get her to wear them, and apparently I've lost them so she already needs a new pair. But here are a couple of pics.

It's so hard to believe that she has only been home 5 months. On the one hand it seems like forever, because it's hard to remember our family without her. But on the other hand, she is definitely a lot of work, and sometimes I get frustrated because I expect her to behave better or communicate better, and I have to remind myself that's it's only been 5 months! She is doing so great, and people always comment about how much more social and secure she seems now compared to a couple of months ago. It really is amazing how far she has come. She even went to a 2-week preschool program at our church and loved it. The teacher said she did great with the other kids and was really sweet. Every day she came out smiling and told me she shared! Here's a pic of her first day.

What else?
She rode a horse (or a "fishie," as she calls it)

She had a blast at the beach

She LOVES her cousins

She enjoyed her first trip to the Birmingham zoo

She loved the 4th of July fireworks and sparklers and was never scared

She can pedal a bicycle
She can play Subway Surfers on the iPad better than anyone else in the family
She can maintain her attention span for 20-30 minutes
She saw her first movie today!
She LOVES her sisters, and they love her. They are so good with her, so patient and kind (usually) and I am so proud of all 3 of them.

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