Tuesday, December 2, 2008

LA - Day 2

It's taking me awhile to catch up on my blogging - I just don't feel 100% yet, and I'm overwhelmed with school projects and Christmas shopping because of all the days I was sick. But enough whining...let's move on to:
Saturday in LA
We hung out with Heidi's family in Long Beach that morning. The kids played great together, and S&A loved picking oranges, lemons, and tangerines off the trees in the backyard. They also loved having doughnuts for breakfast, which cracked me up because Heidi is such a healthy California girl who never had NEVER been to the doughnut store one block from her house until we showed up and corrupted her!
We went to a friend's birthday party at a local park for a little while, but the 4:40am wakeup was starting to catch up with the girls, and they were getting cranky, so we decided to pack up and head to Hermosa Beach. But first...In & Out Burgers! Oh how I miss that In & Out cheeseburger, animal-style! The girls loved it too.
We had so much fun at Andrea's house. Eleanna is also in kindergarten, and she and S&A had a blast making crafts and playing dress-up. We also had a wonderful homemade dinner and lots and lots of cupcakes. Purple cupcakes.
We left the beach and headed up to Encino to stay with Lee & Gayle. Unfortunately we also got to be a part of the quintessential LA experience: traffic on the 405. It was awful. Both girls slept in the backseat, and when we finally pulled up in front of their house, Abby asked, "Whose house are we at now?" She's such a trooper. Sarah never woke up - we took her in and put her on the couch, where the crazy dogs jumped all over her and barked and fought, and there was absolute chaos in the house, and she never even flinched. Finally Perry carried her up to bed, where she slept until 7am. She needed it!

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