Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Christmas Craziness

Yesterday I finished preparing for Sarah's party at school. Her class had a Chinese New Year party. I made 18 red pockets with gold stitching to hold chopsticks, stuffed red envelopes with red and gold chocolate Chinese coins for favors (in the Chinese tradition of giving red envelopes with coins for good luck), finished making gold place mats for everyone - these were adorable with a picture of each child dressed in Chinese attire), and made a dragon mask for a dragon parade. Oh, and I also made cookies yesterday to give to Sarah's teacher. Who knew I was so crafty? The party was awesome and I'll add some pics later.
Tonight I'm working on tote bags to give to all the Daisies on Friday when we go caroling. I'm doing an iron-on transfer, which I've never done before but there's always a first.
Tomorrow I need to make more cookies to give to some friends, make a treat for Abby's school party on Thursday, wrap more presents, and finalize my shopping list. I'm almost finished, but not quite. Tomorrow I also need to get the girls to finish decorating the ornaments that they made for their friends, so I can get them into gift bags and we can distribute them. And...sometime this week I need to get our Christmas cards addressed!
This is such a busy time of year. But sitting here, looking at our beautiful tree with all the quirky ornaments, I realize that I love all the busy-ness of Christmas. As Perry always says, it will all get done. It always does. And I will love almost every minute of it.

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