Thursday, September 10, 2009

Middle Earth

We headed south last weekend for the long Labor Day weekend. First we went to Grandmother's farm in Citronelle (Middle Earth) to commune with nature. The girls LOVE this place.
They love the animals

and the insects

and the gardens

and the labyrinth

and the cookouts

and the surprises - a Great Owl, a medicine wheel, G&G in bee suits.

And, of course, they love Grandmother and Grandfather. They are being exposed to so many new things at Middle Earth - things that Perry and I don't always understand or believe in. But one of my greatest hopes for S&A is that they will develop open, curious minds, and not be quick to judge. Middle Earth challenges all of us (in a good way). I hope they will learn new things and make wonderful memories at G&G's "farm."

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Lane said...

I love that you guys are WILLING to let the girls experience everything at Middle Earth even though you may not believe in all of it.
Thank you for that.
I miss ya'll and wish we could have been there...looks like a lot of fun!
Love A*F,