Thursday, September 10, 2009

6 Is a Great Age

The girls saw the front page of the paper this morning and were very excited to see pictures of stars from the Hubble telescope. The photos were amazing - old stars, stars being born, a butterfly nebula. After cutting out all the pictures to share with their friends at school, they started asking me questions that I couldn't answer. Where is the Hubble telescope? How long has it been in space? Can astronauts visit it? Do astronauts float in space? On and on and on. What's a mom to do? Google it!! We grabbed my computer and found lots of answers, and even watched a video of astronauts turning somersaults and playing with a flashlight in space. Such an awesome lesson.
Tonight at dinner, Abby had the US map placemat, and she asked why most "twisters" happen in Kansas. I had no idea. So again, we Googled it. We got our answer and watched a few videos of tornadoes on YouTube.
Abby also told me all about coral and coral islands, which she learned about in class today. Sarah is learning about Australia. I was able to pull out my photo album from Australia and show them the Great Barrier Reef and lots of pictures of my trip.
I just think it's so amazing to see how much they are learning, and what little sponges they are! I'm so thankful for their wonderful teachers who are opening up new worlds for them. I'm thankful for the Internet and all the resources available to me when they ask questions I can't answer. And I look forward to learning new things with them. Am I smarter than a first grader? No, apparently not. But we're learning together.

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