Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The girls are begging us to get them "their own pets." A few months ago they were asking for puppies, but now their obsession has turned to small animals, such as rats/ mice/ hamsters/ gerbils/ guinea pigs / bunnies.
I don't know much about these creatures. We did some research this weekend (yes, we Googled it), and decided that gerbils sounded like the best fit for our family. But then I tossed it out to my Facebook friends for some advice, and I didn't get anyone telling me how great they are. Mostly I heard things like "don't do it" (a direct quote from my sister).
I'm not sure why they would be such bad pets. Of course it would be more convenient if we didn't have them, but how much trouble could they be?
We're still discussing it. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Oh, and Sarah has saved $26 so far for those Twinkle Toes. I told her she had saved enough to go buy them (she hasn't really, but I'm willing to make up the difference), and she's not begging me to go. I think she likes saving her money and is hesitant to spend it all. Can't wait to see what she decides.


Lane said...

The only thing about hamsters and gerbils is that you DO have to clean their cages every week or two and they pee EVERYWHERE so it's not like just dumping out the old stuff and putting in the new...if you get a plastic cage you have to wash it and if you get a metal cage it's easier for them to hurt themselves (remember my hamster Kitty? She broke her leg twice in her metal cage).
I recommend Rabbits because you can keep them outside...even in the winter. Have you ever thought about fish?
Love A*F,

Jenni said...

My husband grew up with rats as pets, and when he taught elementary school, we had 2 or 3 rats over the years. He had a great pet rat when he was about 8, that used to sleep on his back when he was watching TV, and they used to leave the cage open so he could come and go when he liked... but he was a pretty special little guy.