Monday, March 23, 2009

Disney World March 09

As usual, we had a great time at Disney World. This time we went with Perry's family, and I'll readily admit that I was worried about how we'd all get along in one condo (all 9 of us, including 3 kindergartners and 1 infant!), how my go-go-go touring plans would fly with the group, how we'd handle an infant in the parks all day, how well the kids would get along, etc. etc. Turns out that most of my fears were unfounded. While there were certainly some "family moments," most of the trip was really awesome.
The crowds were crazy at times - there doesn't seem to be a recession in Disney World! And I thought that there seemed to be fewer characters, and fewer cast members. Lines were longer (over 30 minutes in the FAST PASS LINE for Splash Mountain) and rope drops were packed, but with a few tweaks in our plans we had a fantastic week.
Here's a slide show of some of the highlights.

We did have an incident, that I've decided not to blog about. But my song choice will always remind me.

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Lane said...

WOW! Some of those photos are so awesome and such great memories! It's nice to see YOU in some of the photos too, Janet! Great job!
Love A*F,