Monday, March 30, 2009

Vroom Vroom

Today the girls got to ride in a race car! One of the prize incentives of the recent fundraiser at school was the opportunity to take laps in a race car, and after numerous weather delays, today was the day! I wasn't sure if they would be excited about it or scared, because it was very loud, but they both LOVED it. And, after all the kids took their lap, I got to take one too! Very fun! It turned out to be a very expensive and inconvenient ride for me, because I lost my car key (probably in the race car, either climbing in or out through the window). Unfortunately it was my only key, and it's got some sort of high-tech safety feature built into it. The dealership was able to make me a key to open the door and get the ignition into neutral, then we had to get a tow truck to take us to the dealership where they could program the key and the key-less entry. The whole ordeal took about 5 hours. So much for my plans today. Maybe the lesson is "don't accept rides from strangers."

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Lane said...

These photos are great! Too bad about the key though! Oh, and HILARIOUS that the girls have that Country Girl love for race cars... I guess there's just no escaping some of those Southern things.:)
Love A*F,