Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Fun Weekend

Friday afternoon I left for a girls' trip to Lake Wedowee with some of the neighborhood gals. I love being near the water; it's just good for my soul. I was reminded of Lake Nacimiento in CA, and the peace I feel when I'm hanging out at the lake with my friends. It was such a great get-away, despite the dreary weather. None of us cared about the rain; we just hung out and played games (Mexican train, or Speed Scrabble, anyone?) and drank a margarita..or two..or three... ...
Perry did a fabulous job keeping S&A entertained in my absence - dinner with their fun cousins, pancake breakfast with other cousins, library, McDonalds, etc. Still, when I walked into the house Saturday night, they were all excited to see me. Sarah decided we needed to make the dinner table extra-special to celebrate my return. She found a tablecloth, and some fake flowers, and a candle, and she asked for fancy plates and napkins. So sweet.
Today we woke up to snow. At 6:15 in the morning, we were all out front enjoying the snowfall. The girls made snow angels and snowmen and had a snowball fight, before most people were even out of bed! The snow continued to fall all morning, and actually accumulated about 3", which is extremely rare here in Alabama. They continued to play outside most of the morning, coming in for a few minutes to warm up and put on dry clothes, and then running back outside to play with their friends. A few hours of sun this afternoon melted all the snow, but we have lots of pictures to help us remember the fun:

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