Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Infinity Elves

Conversation with Abby on the way to school today:

A: Mom, I think Uncle Todd is an elf.
Me: An elf? Why do you think that?
A: Because he made my singing Barbie, and all my Polly Pockets.
Me: Well, he didn't actually make them, honey. He just works for the company that makes them.
A: Oh. How do the elves make toys, anyway?
Me: Well, toys are made in really big factories.
A: Oh right. Like on Rudolph. But there must be more elves than they show on Rudolph. Like 100 or something, because they make a lot of toys. No, not 100. There must be infinity elves, because infinity is a really big number. Right mom?
Me: Right, Abby. Have a good day at school, honey.

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Anonymous said...

I can totally relate. That's sort of like when Homer Simpson wishes for "infinity hamburgers".