Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First in First

Today was S&A's first day in first grade! I started their day with a big breakfast of eggs, bacon and biscuits. We all enjoyed it except Sarah, who was too nervous to eat. I took the obligatory first day of school pictures, then Perry and I (and Bailey) drove them to school. It was so much easier than last year - Sarah's jitters were minor, and Abby was almost bouncing off the walls.

They both had a great day. I was able to see them for a moment because I went to help the kindergartners in the lunchroom. Both of their teachers sent home notes telling us about their first day and all the things they did. I've quickly realized that first grade is going to be very different from kindergarten - Sarah even had homework today!

I had them in bed with lights out by 7:00, and they were asleep crashed ten minutes later when Perry went up to kiss them goodnight. Hooray!

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