Sunday, August 23, 2009

It All Started With a Commercial

I hate commercials. I rarely let S&A watch any channel other than Noggin, not because of the shows, but because of the commercials during the shows. I just think that kids are so impressionable, and it bugs me when companies target them in the middle of an otherwise benign show. But occasionally, I will let them watch Nick Jr. or Saturday morning cartoons on a network. Evidently, that's when Abby saw THE COMMERCIAL. About three months ago, the badgering began for "Twinkle Toes, New from Skechers." So, when her tennis shoes got too small, I agreed to let her get her beloved shoes. I'll admit, they're pretty cute. And they're VERY Abby!
Abby said that they make her dance like this:

(I'm wondering if I should take the shoes back because they make her dance like Elaine Benes.)

Now, Sarah has decided that she wants Twinkle Toes, too. Unfortunately for Sarah, she doesn't need new tennis shoes, so I won't buy her any. But I told her that she could buy her own if she saves her money. I created a list of extra chores she can do to earn money, and she's been hard at work all weekend. So far it seems like she REALLY wants these shoes. Sarah is a determined and tenacious little girl - I'm guessing she'll have new shoes in less than a month. Here she is, hard at work:
Scrubbing the kitchen floors (a five-hour job, with a few breaks) and washing the dishes after dinner. She also set the table, and cleaned the baseboards in the den. I'm going to run out of chores soon!


Jenni said...

wow! what an incentive! maybe you can match her earnings so she can earn them sooner?

Janet said...

Jenni, I'm sure I'll end up helping her out, if she sticks with it. But really, she just got new tennis shoes a month ago, and shoes are soooo expensive! I think this is a good lesson for both of them, that if you really want something badly enough, you have to work for it. And, for the record, Sarah LOVES to help around the house and thinks that scrubbing floors is fun!

Janet said...
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