Wednesday, October 21, 2009


S&A love to play Charades. Unfortunately (or fortunately, since laughing is good for everyone), they're not very good at it. Abby is VERY literal - even her teachers have noticed it and mentioned it to me. So when she sees something on the paper, she can't think about acting it out in any way other than what she sees on the paper. She won't see the word "table" and think about setting something on a table; she'll just BE the table. Sarah's pretty funny too, although not quite as literal.


Heather of the EO said...

What cracks me up most is that each time, the answer made perfect sense to me.

Oh! Yes! A scissors.

LOVED this. Thank you :)

Lane said...

I'm literal too, so I get where Abby is coming from. It will kick her in the butt sometimes, but it will definitely come in handy at other times.:)
Thanks for sharing, Janet.
I miss ya'll.
Love A*F,