Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's THAT Week Again

Red Ribbon Week.

Drug Awareness Week.

My least favorite week of the school year!

Sarah told me that she wasn't going to drink tea anymore because it's a drug. After lots of probing, I figured out that caffeine is one of the drugs they learn about in counseling. But, since I make decaffeinated tea, she doesn't need to worry.

Later she asked if she could have some Skittles, or if they were a drug; somehow I think 6 is too young for drug education. I remember her crying last year when Perry drank a beer on Halloween night, because he was doing drugs. I guess the idea is to start the dialogue now, so it won't be a taboo topic when they get older, but I really think third grade would be early enough. I mean, I know that some kids are drinking and experimenting with drugs in middle school, but even Drew Barrymore didn't drink until she was 10!

At least it's a fun week for the kids. Every day has a different theme - today was team spirit day. You could wear your team colors or wear a uniform or other outfit from your favorite sport. Abby was a USA cheerleader and Sarah wore her tennis outfit.

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Lane said...

GOD! Your girls are SOOOOOO gorgeous! You guys are going to be in trouble when they get old enough to date!:)
Love A*F<