Saturday, October 24, 2009

NOT Hannah Montana

Many months ago, we got tickets to the Miley Cyrus concert. I had concerns about it even then, because I think she is much too "old" for S&A. I rarely even let them watch her TV show. But the girls love her music, and Perry & I thought it would be a great concert for them.

In the past few weeks, however, my concerns grew. I saw reviews and video clips of her new tour, and saw how she is trying to change her image. Hannah Montana is gone, although she still sings a few HM songs. Her wardrobe consists mostly of too short shorts and leather. And her new music is much harder and edgier. I seriously considered telling the girls that we couldn't go. But, we had friends coming to town to go with us, and so ultimately we decided to go. We figured we would have many "teachable moments" to discuss with the girls when it was over, but at least we were prepared.

Last night was the big event. We went to dinner before the concert and saw all the Miley Cyrus tour buses at the Galleria, which was thrilling for the girls. We intentionally arrived at the concert an hour late in order to miss the warm up band (Miley's older, rocker brother). As we walked in the doors, Miley took the stage. Our seats were far from ideal- we were one row from the very top , on the far side of the stage, almost at the back. I thought this would be disappointing, but it really turned out to be a blessing. We had friends with great seats, and they were appalled by Miley's skimpy outfits and suggestive dancing. We couldn't see any of that from our seats, and instead just enjoyed the music and special effects. The highlight was definitely the flying motorcycle, as Miley rode above the audience while singing "I Love Rock n Roll." We also enjoyed our back-stage view, as we watched Miley fall backwards onto a mat and rush under the stage to change outfits (about 7 times). Both S&A said they really had fun and enjoyed the concert, but I definitely think that Abby liked it more. She sang and danced all night. Sarah was very serious throughout the whole show and never danced or sang. I think she was a bit overwhelmed.
It was a much better night than either Perry or I expected, and I hope it's a night they'll remember for a long time.
A note on the pictures. Abby insisted on wearing her Hannah Montana wig (she's going to be HM for Halloween). Fortunately, she took it off at the restaurant because it itched, and she didn't put it back on. As for the signs, all three girls worked on their signs for a long time, but then didn't want to carry them into the concert, so we put them back in the car after we took the picture.

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