Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Vocabulary Word

I can't believe I forgot to post this!

A couple of weeks ago, we had teacher conferences. At Abby's conference, her teacher said she had a funny story to tell us. She begged us not to be upset or mad at Abby and suggested that we probably shouldn't even mention it to her. Of course by this point we were starting to get very concerned about what she might be about to tell us...
She said that she had the whole class on the rug, and they were playing a word game, where you start with one three-letter word, then change one letter at a time until you get to another, completely different 3-letter word. The beginning word was "bit," and they were trying to get to "dog." So they'd changed some letters, and were making progress, so she told them they were getting close, but they needed to start thinking about words that were kind of like "dog." She asked, "Can anyone think of a word that's kind of like dog?", and Abby raised her hand. When she called on Abby, Abby said, "I know a word that's like dog." "Great! What is it?" asked the teacher. With a sweet voice and an innocent smile, Abby said, "bitch." Seriously. Fortunately Abby's teacher is a quick-thinker, so she just said "that's great, but we're looking for 3-letter words. Can anyone think of a 3-letter word that's like dog?", and they moved on without any conversation about Abby's new word!
Where did she learn such a word, you ask? Well, all I can think is that it came from a book. For two straight weeks she brought home non-fiction books about dogs from the school library. We didn't read them together, but she must have read them by herself. And she obviously has great comprehension!
This story has entertained most of the faculty and administration at school. The following day I saw the Assistant Principal, and he said "oh, there's the mom of that first grader with a foul mouth." Yeah, ha ha.

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Lane said...

This is hilarious! It's that time when words they read are going to mean more than one thing and explaining the different contexts can be confusing.:)
I know you'll handle it well, though, Janet.
Love A*F,