Wednesday, March 7, 2012

International Adoption Clinic, Part 2

Today we had our follow-up appointment at the IAC. First we met with their social worker, who is really awesome. She asks all the right questions, has great advice, and is so encouraging! She thinks Mollie is doing amazingly well, with bonding, adjusting, learning, understanding, everything! She said she's really impressed, because 4 years of age is the hardest age for adoption! What? No one told us that! I get it, though, although I would imagine a tween would be harder. But Mollie is delayed because of her CP, and because of her many years in orphanage care. Her speech is slow to progress because no one has spent much time talking to her for four years. She doesn't color, or sit for a book, or watch TV. She has so much to learn, and she also has to figure out love, and family. It must be overwhelming for her!
We spent time with an OT who brought some toys for Mollie to play with so she could observe her. I haven't seen her report yet, but she said that Mollie is on par with one-year-olds in some areas, such as coloring, but more like a 3-year-old (much higher than she would have expected for a CP kid from an orphanage) in other areas, such as gross motor skills. We have a lot of work to do, and I'm looking for developmental toys to use, but I was encouraged by her observations.
The doctor said that her labs look great, and she is up-to-date on most of her shots. However, the ultrasound revealed a mild enlargement of one of her kidneys, so we'll need to have some follow-up tests done. I'm not overly concerned but do ask that you keep that in your prayers. I'll let you know when we have more information about the tests that we need to do.
Last night was a terrible sleep night. She had a bad dream and then was awake pretty much from 2am on, with just a few catnaps. But today she was great. She's doing better sharing me with S&A, waiting her turn, accepting "no" without having a meltdown, etc. While it's definitely not a straight-line progression, and we've certainly had some bad days in the mix, I feel like we're making good progress!

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DeEtte said...

love the update and love the pictures. I'll look through the girls toys this weekend and see what you might can use. Sadie had a lot of those developmental toys when she was seeing OT regularly..but she's outgrown most of them now and we've given many away. But I'll see if I have some left you can use. Sadie is followed by the nephrology clinic at Children's for kidney issues so if you go there for testing, they are good and super nice. They treat Sadie like royalty there. Not super quick though. :) Just saying..take something to read, snacks, or something to play with. Praying all is good and you only have to go once.

Meanwhile..did you just say on your previous post that "maybe" you'd adopt again?? ooh..I recognize that sentiment. My prediction - 2 years. or less. :)