Friday, March 2, 2012

3 Weeks Home

It still amazes me to think about how many "firsts" she has every day! This week, we had a play date with a friend who was in China with us, and another one with our cousin Lanie. Both went better than I expected them to, and Mollie is learning to share and take turns. She still has a long way to go, but these are entirely new concepts for her so I'm just happy to see progress.
We went swimming at the Y yesterday, and she had a blast! She floated in a little ring and kicked around the pool, and even tried putting her face in the water! I want to sign her up for lessons so she'll be comfortable by summer. Today I had to take her to the shoe store for Crocs, because she wasn't happy to be wearing tennis shoes to the pool when everyone else had on flip flops or Crocs!

Yesterday we had our appointment at the CP clinic, and the doctor was very encouraging. He wants us to do a little OT, PT, and speech with her, just so we'll learn some things to work on at home. But he thinks she looks really good and he doesn't have any concerns about her health. Next week we'll have her follow-up at the International Adoption Clinic, and she has a dentist appointment.
Today Sarah and Abby dressed up for Dr. Seuss day, and Mollie was very interested in their hairdos. I can't wait for hers to grow out so we can play with it!

This morning we had our first post-placement interview. She just asked a lot of questions and observed Mollie with us. It wasn't stressful or intrusive. It's a Chinese requirement, which I think is great.
I've taken Mollie to the gym twice this week, and she has done great. She eats snacks and watches us he whole time. She laughs when I'm swinging on the pull up bars.
After school was dismissed early due to the threat of severe weather, our neighbors came over to play. Mollie latched onto Sara and played with her for hours! It was so sweet to see her playing with a friend, and I was so thankful that Sara didn't mind being bossed around! Mollie can definitely let you know what she wants, even without words!

Language: she understands so much, it's amazing. She is repeating more and more. She says: Mama, Papa, Sarah, Abbia, BA (Bailey), meow (Ellie), pleasha (please), teeteeya (teetee), hiya (it means all done- now she says hiya all done), thank you, 1-2-3-4-5, amen, hello, bye bye, DahEEya(?), salsa, down and sit (to the dog). She still uses Abbia and Sarah interchangeably, and I don't think it's because she gets the girls confused, but rather because she thinks those words mean "sister."
Sleep: Getting better, I think. She still cries out or kicks/thrashes every couple of hours, but it usually only takes a gentle hand on her, or a few shh-shh-shhs to quiet her down. She usually falls asleep in my arms and then I put her in the bed - while this doesn't seem like the "right" way to this Mama who worked so hard to make her older girls learn to sleep on their own, it feels perfect for the bonding of this new relationship. I'm so glad she will let me hold her and that she can feel safe in my arms.

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