Thursday, July 17, 2008

Girls' Day Out

Today we went to Sweet n Sassy. The girls got manicures and haircuts. Such fun - they were totally pampered and loved it! They smelled like cupcakes and cotton candy when we left, and I just wanted to eat them up! Then we went to the mall for some back-to-school shopping. Abby bought 3 dresses, and Sarah got a few skirts and a shirt/leggings combo that she wants to wear on the first day of school. It was really the first time we've really gone shopping like that, where we looked at all the clothes, took a bunch of stuff to the dressing room, tried everything on, then made decisions. Usually I just bring things home to try. So I'd consider this our first real big girls' shopping trip, and it was a definite success. What fun! After a little lunch and a cookie, we came home to rest. Then they played with their friend Heather this afternoon and performed a fashion show / disco party show for me.

Just a sidenote, a little funny story about Abby. Yesterday in the car she said "Johnson's baby shampoo has no more tears. Is that true?" And then she said "Huggies comfort fit diapers". Perry and I busted out laughing - she's quoting commercials! Today at the mall, she saw the Skechers store and recognized it. She said she wants Skechers for her playground shoes because "they stretch and flex and fit your foot, and make you run faster." This is a child who only watches Noggin, except Saturday mornings when they watch one of the network cartoons (Kewlopolis, anyone?). So that one day of commercials is really having an impact on her. The next time you think TV isn't harmful or influential, remember this!

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