Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday Morning

A post from Daddy:

This summer, the girls and I had gotten in the habit of Saturday morning outings so we could have some good "Daddy time." We would routinely go to the library, the mall, lunch at Mcdonalds or a couple of different parks. Today, we decided to bring Mommy along. We sure had fun! We began with breakfast at Krispy Kreme (breakfast of champions). Sarah's favorite is chocolate with sprinkles; Abby is a traditional glazed girl. Afterward, we went to the Pepper Place market downtown where we enjoyed petting puppy dogs (the picture was taken moments before that little beast lurched and snapped at my Sarah!), sampling fruits and vegetables, and seeing the beautiful art. We left the market and went to Vulcan Park ( where we enjoyed the solitude of early morning and beautiful views of the city skyline.

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Janet said...

Oh - I think the Daddy was feeling left out and needed to create his own post!