Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Habits

Well, obviously "blog more often" isn't one of my New Year's Resolutions. In fact, it might be the opposite, since I'm trying to be more intentional with my time and waste less time on the computer. But I did say I'd post our resolutions once we finalized them, so I wanted to do that.

Be more intentional with my time; set goals each week
Exercise (note that I didn't say "exercise more" - I really need to START exercising)
Expand our dinner repertoire - we've gotten into a rut, and I want us (especially the girls) to be more willing to try new things
Nurture my friendships

Keep room clean
Have more dinner parties
Don't whine or cry (boy did she blow this one last night!!!)

Have more play dates
Go to outer space
Keep closet clean

Be more intentional with his time with the girls (teach them things)

To help with the dinner resolution, I created a chart and hung it on the wall. Whenever I serve a new food, we'll write it on the chart and we'll each rate it "yummy," "OK," or "yuck." Last night I served whole wheat three cheese tortellini, and it got 3 yummies and 1 OK. Not bad. The girls were excited to try it because they wanted to vote. I'm hoping to try something new at least 2 nights a week, more if possible.