Thursday, January 15, 2009

World's Worst Mom

Today I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for Sarah because it seems like she always feels sick. I really felt silly scheduling the appointment - "What's wrong with her?" they asked. Well...she's tired, cranky, whiny, constantly complains of headaches, went to the nurse twice last week because she was nauseous, says her throat hurts, coughs a lot, and just seems unhealthy. "Any fever?" Nope. Maybe she's just a complainer, I'm thinking. I talked to her teacher about it, and we discussed being a little less nurturing and trying to toughen her up. I gave her an incentive for having 7 "healthy" days, with no complaints.
So what did the doctor say? Well, he couldn't do any lab work, because she has STREP! Ugh. Right then we decided that she's definitely not a complainer (he asked her 3 times if her throat hurt, and she said no each time). So when she gets better we're going to do some blood work and see if we can find out what's going on. I wonder if she has allergies. Whatever it is, I hope we can figure it out soon and help her feel better.

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Lane said...

OH! It makes me so sad that Sarah seems to have such chronic problems with her health! I had ear infections like crazy when I was little and I am just now starting to feel the long term effects-I get this weird popping whenever I put a phone to my ear or listen to loud music or TV. I hope you guys can find some sort of resolution for her!
Miss you all!
Love A*F,