Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poor Little Say

Getting off the bus today, Sarah told me she was getting a little headache. I had one too, and even Abby said she had one this morning. I think it's the weather. I've never really had a weather issue before, but today was a weird gray day that started out in the mid-60s and quickly headed to the low 40s, and it just made my head feel weird.
Anyway, by the time we got home, she said it was starting to hurt BAD. I got her some Tylenol and put her on the couch with an ice pack, hoping she would go to sleep. I headed upstairs with Abby to help her build a fort in her room, and when I came down 15 minutes later I found Sarah curled up on the couch in tears. Why does a 5-year-old get migraines? Why?
I moved her into my dark bedroom and tried to help her fall asleep, but she felt nauseous and sure enough she threw up just minutes later. It hurts me to see her suffer with migraines. I know, all too well, what she's going through, but I was 19 when I started getting them. To think that she's only 5, and facing this already. It makes me so sad.
The good news is that she did finally fall asleep, and she said she felt a little better before bedtime. She still didn't want to eat, and the lights were bothering her, but I think the worst of it has passed, and I'm hopeful that she'll be fine in the morning.

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Michele H. said...

It may sound crazy, but is there any chance she could have gotten hold of aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet, etc.)? It seems that it is in everything now -- candy, gum, Kool-aid, . . . . I ask because I actually get migraines that mimic a stroke whenever I have the stuff. I have to read all labels if something is sweet. I do feel sorry for her. Migraines at any age are just awful, but are even worse when you are too young to understand. Hope she felt better today!