Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crafty Saturday

Every year we create Thankful Trees during the month of November. I trace arms and hands to create the tree and branches, and then each day we add a new leaf to the tree that says something we're thankful for. This is our third year to do this, and I love looking back at their old trees. Of course they're always thankful for the standard "mom, dad, sister, family, God, etc., but they always come up with some interesting things too. This week Abby wrote "the things that I have" and "earth, " while Sarah wrote "water" and "bed."

The girls have really been enjoying the fall colors - the trees are gorgeous right now. This morning they went out back and collected pretty leaves, then came in and made "leaf turkeys." I love it when they come up with the craft idea and can do it all by themselves, and I was very impressed with their creations. (Abby's is on the left, and Sarah's is on the right.)

We also started our Christmas crafts today. I have a bunch of ideas this year, so I thought we should do a little each weekend so we won't get overloaded. Today we started painting ornaments for their friends.

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