Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Tallest Tree in the World

For a long time now, Abby has talked about the "tallest tree in the world." She's pointed it out before, but I didn't pay much attention. She told me where it was (behind the big parking lot down the street), but I didn't pay much attention. Once we had a conversation about the Redwoods in California, and how big they are. But then, one day, I saw THE TREE - the one she thinks is the tallest tree in the world. It's behind the shopping center on the corner of 31 and 150. And it's NOT REAL!!!! I find this so bizarre - this is a cell phone tower, I guess, disguised as a tree. Do they do this in an effort to be "green," responsible corporate citizens? Do they think they're fooling anyone (other than 5-year-olds)? So strange.

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Lane said...

I've seen a few of these across the country and they ARE really bizarre...I guess it's just their way of trying to blend and not make us think about the fact that we are in such a technological world.