Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Lateral "S"

Today I had a meeting at school with the Speech Therapist, to discuss Abby. Both Perry and Abby's teacher have noticed a speech issue, called a lateral s, that makes her "s" sound more like a "sh". I really don't notice it, but I had a lisp as a child and still struggle with my "s" sound sometimes, so my ear probably isn't the best. But anyway, she was screened for speech, and she "failed", which just means that now she'll be formally evaluated for possible speech therapy. It's evidently very hard to get speech services through the school system these days; the problem can't be "developmental" and it has to interfere with the child's learning - very tough criteria. But just the process of evaluating her, which could be stretched out over many sessions in a 60-day window, could help her self-correct. The other great thing that came out of this meeting was a decision to get the Occupational Therapist to evaluate her, too, because she has poor fine motor skills and is falling behind her peers in writing. She struggles to hold a pencil correctly and gets frustrated when we try to help her. I'm trying lots of new exercises with her at home, and her teacher is working on it too, but it will be great to hear an expert's opinion about it.
I'll update more on this when I get the results of her evaluation, but that might take awhile.

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