Sunday, November 2, 2008

Moss Rock Festival

Yesterday was spectacular. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we decided that we needed to do something outside. Unfortunately I had a migraine, but I managed to shake it after a nap, and we headed off in the Jeep to the Moss Rock Festival, "Celebrating Nature, Open Spaces & Eco-Ideas through ART & DESIGN." Sounded interesting, and it was!
We checked out all the booths with cool artwork, crafts, and eco-ideas, and even thought about buying a couple of things. We're still looking for artwork to hang over our sofa, but Perry and I are having a hard time agreeing on the right piece (or pieces). I think we'll just know it when we see it. The girls enjoyed seeing the recycled art creations done by local schools, we got to pet lots of cute little doggies (Abby's favorite thing at any festival), and we had a snack on the lawn while we listened to a live band. The girls practiced their gymnastics across the lawn, chased each other, and had a blast.
The Jeep ride home was a little cool, but we all enjoyed it. What a perfect afternoon!

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