Monday, November 3, 2008

Politics in Elementary School

Today the girls got off the bus with "I Voted" stickers. Every student at their school got to vote today. We really haven't discussed the election with them; we are learning about Presidents and we've talked about the two candidates, but we haven't told them who we're voting for or why. So I was very curious to find out who they voted for. Abby told me that she voted for McCain. When I asked why, she said that "M" was closer to "A" for Abby. Sarah said she voted for McCain because she saw his picture and he looked like a nice man. I think those are both very good reasons for kindergartners. I just don't think they're ready for grown-up discussions about politics, and I get very disturbed by the kids their age who are spouting their parents' propaganda. There's one child in Sarah's class who had this conversation with me last week:
kid: "Mrs. Turner, did you know that there are Democrats in this world? They're bad people, and they're in this world."
me: "Yes, there are Democrats in this world, but they're not bad people. They believe different things than what your parents believe, but that doesn't mean they're bad people."
kid: "You're kidding me, I know you are. Because they are bad people. They want Obama to be President, and he's a very bad guy."
me: "Obama is not a bad guy, and I'm not kidding you. There are two very good men who love our country very much, and they both want to be President. Some people like Obama and want him to be President, while other people like McCain."
kid: "I know you're kidding me."
me: "Whatever."

Another kid told Abby that McCain kills animals. Huh?

Personally, I'll just be glad when it's over.

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