Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Abigail and Sarah Catherine.
Yesterday we had the day off, so I took the girls to get haircuts, (note their new cutie-girl cuts in the pictures) and then we ran errands. While we were eating lunch, Abby told me that her teacher's daughter's name is Abigail, which is almost the same as her name. I told her that it's actually exactly the same, because her real name is Abigail. Of course she knew this, or at least I think she should, since I call her "Abigail Grace" whenever she's in trouble, but I guess she hadn't put it all together. Anyway, she was VERY excited to find out that her REAL name is Abigail, and she decided that she would be Abigail from now on. Sarah of course then wanted to know what her real name is. I was tempted to tell her "Sarahgail," since that's what she used to think (I'll explain that in a minute), but I just said "Sarah Catherine." So she decided that she would go by Sarah Catherine from now on. They asked me to write out their names and put them in their folders for school so they could learn how to spell them. I figure it will only take a day before they realize that it's much easier to be just "Abby" and "Sarah". But, I was up at school this morning for computer lab, and Abby had already told her whole class that her real name is Abigail. We'll see.
And about "Sarahgail"...when the girls were 3 or 4, Abby got into trouble much more often than Sarah. It seems like I was using my stern mommy voice a lot, calling "Abigail Grace" whenever she was being defiant. One day Sarah asked, "Is my name Sarahgail Grace?" I don't think she'd ever heard me yell "Sarah Catherine", so she didn't know what her name was!
These pictures are from 6am this morning, when they decided to "rock out" in the kitchen.


Megan @ Hold it Up to the Light said...

What a cute story! I love the haircuts, too!

6 AM....I can totally relate to that, too. This time change is taking WAY too long to get used to!

Jenni said...

Oh my gosh, this is the cutest story. Maiya's middle name is also Grace. She hears it a lot these days, usually followed by move it, or let's get a move on.