Monday, November 17, 2008


Just an update on the girls' writing:

Last week, Sarah brought home these sentences that she wrote in sticker spelling:

the ran dyr is fliing the reindeer is flying

sat cloz is majik santa claus is magic

the pupes eor koit the puppies are cute

the lef is pride the leaf is pretty (it took me a minute to get this one!)

the str is sprkle the star is sparkly

the pine is mine the penny is money (I thought she was being possessive, but then I remembered kidspell!)

the kaw mas mik the cow makes milk

And Abby drew a picture with 3 unicorns, and gave them all names:

diamnd, cuty, dazleg diamond, cutie, dazzling

Oh, and a little Abby story. At computer lab this week, Mrs. S asked the kids to draw something related to Thanksgiving, such as a turkey or a pilgrim or the Mayflower. Abby drew a turkey, and then she put a pink tutu on it. That's my girl!

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