Monday, January 30, 2012

Gotcha! (again)

When we arrived at the Civil Affairs office at 10:15, Mollie was already there. We were the only family - some days there are as many as 10. I can't imagine that moment in a crowded room. I walked in and sat down next to her and the two orphanage workers. Finally I asked someone to get my camera, so there might be a few pictures of this. Mollie was very sad and/or mad at first. She kept her head down and pushed me away. Nothing worked, not candy or water or stuffed animals or even sweet sisters. But then she said she needed to use the bathroom, and the workers told me to take her. She allowed me to walk with her and show her where it was, but she told me bye bye once we got to it. I stayed with her, and she pointed to the (squatty) potty. I realized that I needed to help her use it. This was an interesting dilemma; I had just used one of these for the first time only two days ago, and now I needed to help a four-year-old use it! Yikes! I picked her up and held her over it, and that was our bonding moment!
When we walked out of the bathroom, her attitude had changed. She was still sad, but no longer mad. She sat in my lap and Perry's lap, but she still wouldn't look at us.

We took turns signing the Guardianship Agreement, which said that we would take care of her for 24 hours. At one point the tears started flowing down her face, and we all cried for her. I can't imagine how scared she must have been. She even wailed once, but just for a second when the orphanage workers left.
We went upstairs to get our family picture taken, and then it was over and we were headed back to the hotel in the van. The whole thing took less than an hour. We signed a few more papers back in the room and then headed out to lunch. She has a great appetite, isn't picky, and loves Pepsi! She was quite the ham at lunch. She likes to toast and wants everyone to clink glasses and say cheers!
We went back to the room and tried to get her to take a nap, but she kept laughing and popping up until finally we gave up and decided to go for a walk. Our hotel isn't great, but it's location is perfect. We're right next to a huge shopping market area with lots of souvenir-type stores. The girls found gifts for their teacher, each bought a fan, and we got them all Chinese dresses (I forgot what those are called!). Mollie slept for a few minutes in my arms.

We thought that we attracted a lot of attention when it was just the 4 of us, but now we are even more conspicuous and get more overt stares and pointing. Sarah and Abby are both OVER it and want me to tell everyone to stop taking pictures and touching their hair!
More to come...

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Tiffany said...

She sounds like a little firecracker! Praying for many more bonding moments to come over the next few days. Love following your journey!! :)

Debbie Debbie said...

I would love to know what's going on in her precious little head! Having Abby and Sarah as her new sisters is surely making it easier for her! We miss you all so much!