Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Im writing this from our room Tuesday night, but the hotel only has wifi in the lobby so I'll post it Wednesday morning. We are in Suzhou City. My only impression so far is that it's much bigger than I had imagined. I was thinking a small garden city, maybe a few hundred thousand people, but our guide said there are over 3 million people here. Not the quaint town I was expecting. We are staying at a nice Chinese hotel, similar to our hotel in Nanjing. They didn't have any adjoining rooms, so we got a king room and a 2-twins room, but we're all bunked together in the king room of course, Perry and me in the bed, Sarah and Abby on a pallet on the floor, and Mollie on the couch.

We'll check out tomorrow morning and head to the orphanage at 10:30. I'm nervous about this for Mollie, but I'm hoping that the orphanage will be able to talk to her and calm her fears. I'm also nervous for Sarah and Abby, because I think it will be hard to see all those precious children who don't have a family to love them. While we're there, we'll be looking for little girl who will meet her forever family in a few weeks. I met her mom online and can't wait to see this sweet girl and take pictures.
Sometime tomorrow we'll visit Mollie's finding spot. We'll tour the city a little and then head back to Nanjing. I'm not looking forward to the drive back. The drivers here are crazy. I don't know why they have lane markers, because no one stays in a lane. They weave in and put, honking their horns and cutting each other off constantly. They use the shoulder as a lane which is a real problem when they encounter a stalled car. I'm very thankful that Perry requested a new van with seat belts.

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