Friday, January 27, 2012

Temple of Heaven and Forbidden City

We did a whole lot of walking today. Both sites were overwhelming, both because of their size and because of the massive crowds. Our guide said that there were over 50,000 people at Temple of Heaven today, and a normal (not Chinese New Year) winter day would have about 3,000. I didn't mind the crowds, except that the Chinese people don't have the same respect for personal space that Americans have. There was a special ceremony, and everyone was crowded into one area, and it was much worse than a Mardi Gras parade!

We ate lunch at a very good Chinese restaurant and finally got to practice our chopstick skills! Sarah even ate her noodles with chopsticks- impressive!

After lunch we went to the Forbidden City. That was very interesting for Perry and me, but at this point the girls were tired and cold. They were happy to get back to the hotel and swim and hang out. We even ordered room service!

Tomorrow night we fly to Nanjing. We're getting so close!

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Robyn said...

praying praying... so glad the trip is fun so far!! not too much longer :)