Monday, January 30, 2012

More Gotcha

We ended our walk at Haagan-Dasz and Mollie got what was probably her first ice cream. She didn't like it at first, but then she ate almost the whole bowl. I think she's going to enjoy our weekly trips to The Whole Scoop!

I gave her a bath yesterday. She cried when I took her clothes off, and didn't want to get into the tub at first, but then she saw all the toys and got happy. She had a blast playing in the water. She bathed herself, hair and all, but she also allowed me to bathe her which is a very good sign for our bonding. It will be interesting to see if she shows any signs of confusion about who her family is once we get home, but it definitely seems like she's got us figured out and loves us as much as we love her. She has Papa wrapped around her finger and they really crack each other up.
She also adores her sisters. Abby loves to make her laugh, and Sarah likes to help her get dressed and read to her.
She is very good but she's trying to figure out the rules. She does things she knows she shouldn't do, and when we tell her "no" she cocks her head and gives us a really big grin, like she's saying "I'm so cute, how can you tell me no?". She reminds me of Lanie! Once yesterday I told her "no" in a stern voice, and she put on her backpack and told me "bye-bye"! I think I'm going to have my hands full!
She'll also start laughing hysterically if you scold her. She has an awesome laugh and it brings us so much joy.
She tucks her thumb on her right hand under a finger most of the time. I know this is related to her palsy, but it's cool because Abby tucks her thumb under two fingers. We noticed it right away and felt it was a family bond.
She slept great last night but woke up about 5:30. She fell asleep in my bed with me, but then we moved her to a crib With the side rail down, pushed up against my bed. She woke up slowly, not like a Turner, and sat in my arms for a long time. Then she and Abby shared some Cheerios.

This morning we went back to the Civil Affairs office and we signed the official adoption paperwork. There was another family there adopting a 7-year-old boy. They're from Chattanooga and already had 5 kids. Amazing. This was a quick, easy step in the process, except that Mollie got very sad and buried her face in my chest when she saw the orphanage workers. I have a feeling the orphanage visit could be hard for her, but it will also be good to give her closure.

We leave in an hour for the 2 1/2 hour drive to Suzhou. We'll spend the night there, visit her orphanage tomorrow, and come back tomorrow afternoon. I'm not sure what our Internet access will be like in Suzhou.
And this is what's happening right now...

Amazing Blessings!!!

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Debbie Debbie said...

Yay...a pink bow! That didn't take you long! I'm thankful and amazed that she is so happy so quickly...I'll be praying the orphanage visit isn't too difficult for her or the rest of you. xoxo

phcrowe said...

Janet all I can say is I am in awe of this whole process. Thank you for sharing so fully the experience. We need more Turner's in the world....!

The Richardson Family said...

I have a feeling she and Lanie are going to get into some trouble together, this is gonna be fun!!!

Jill e said...

Just cant express the joy, pride, and love that we feel for you and the fam. You all not only have made a difference in Mollie's life but in ours as well. Love love love and safe travels.

Vincent Phillips said...


I lived in China for three years (Yangzhou which is a little over one hour away from Nanjing) and had the pleasure to travel to many cities in China for work, still travel there for work 3 to 4 times a year.

I have seen some of the orphanages in China and most of them would break your heart, what you and your family are doing for this young girl is wonderful. You are giving her a chance to have a normal and wonderful life that she would not have in China.

God bless you and your family for the blessing you will give this beautiful little girl

Anonymous said...

I'm tearing up over the shear joy of your story and the moments you all are having. What an amazing work of God. Thank you for sharing your blessings with us Janet. Can't wait to hear more when you get back. Lots of love to all!


Tiffany said...

Love this post...sounds like she is a perfect fit in the Turner family! Praying your trip to the orphanage goes well!

Brandi Marcrum said...

Janet and Terry thank you for sharing this part of your life! I look forward everyday to seeing your post and pictures. Continuing to pray for your family and safe return. Tell the girls hey and I can't wait to see them and hear all about their adventures.

Brandi Marcrum