Saturday, January 28, 2012


Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Beijing anymore! After walking around Beijing today and seeing Tiananmen Square, we decided that Beijing had a very "New York" feel to it. We've only been in Nanjing a couple of hours, and it's dark, but so far we're comparing it to New Orleans. Narrow streets, lots of little neighborhood stores, pretty lights everywhere, and people walking around everywhere. Abby said, "this place feels very "Chinesey".
We're also definitely not at the Hilton anymore. Our hotel has a grand lobby, but the rooms are old and dated. We're not "roughing it," but it's not 5 star by any means! A friend in my coffee group had tried to prepare me for this, but I'd decided that it couldn't be that bad. I was wrong, but we'll be fine. The good news is that our hotel in Guangzhou is supposedly fabulous, so we'll get through this week and look forward to being spoiled again soon.
Tomorrow is low-key. We'll do a little shopping and get prepared for Mollie.

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DeEtte said...

To Abby and Sarah (from Hannah)

I hope you like China. What is your favorite part so far? Take good care of Mollie.
love, Hannah
PS - I am praying for you and Mollie

To Abby and Sarah (from Sadie)
I hope you love Mollie. Thank you for getting Mollie. Have a good trip back to Alabama.
love, Sadie

To all of you,
SOOO close!! We are excited and praying for y'all daily. Can't wait to see the pic. of Mollie with y'all. Just remember - no peek-a-boo and take the dum-dums!! lol!! Have fun in Nanjing. The beds are hard from what I remember, but we loved it there. (the city - not the hotel). I'm with Abby. It does seem very "Chinesey".
love, DeEtte