Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Does it get any easier?

I was really hoping that we'd be settling into our new routine by now, but honestly this week seems worse than last week! Abby continues to stay up for an hour after we say goodnight, flipping through books. And then at 5:30am, like clockwork, I hear her flipping pages again, and soon moving to the playroom, all of which disturbs Sarah, me, and sometimes even Perry. So she's tired, and Sarah's tired, and they're both cranky, and I'm just OVER it! To make matters worse, Sarah isn't sleeping well. She had a bad dream a couple of nights ago - her first as far as I know. It's a bad feeling to wake up at 4am to someone tapping you on the shoulder! She seems anxious and overwhelmed, and I hate to see this at such a young age! Why can't we just pass along our good traits to our kids, and leave all of our baggage out of it?
I'm going to buy some black-out fabric to re-line their curtains, hoping that will somehow help Abby reset her internal clock. But I'm not sure yet what to do for Sarah. And as for me, well, tomorrow I'm going hiking. That should help.

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Lane, Robert, and the Kitlits said...

Okay, so, I'm not an expert by any means as children go and I know you are way smarter than me, but maybe you don't need to worry as much about how the girls are sleeping right NOW because they are going through BIG changes in their lives and it may be a while before they adjust to all of that. Sarah is being exposed to so many new things and that always makes ME anxious until I get used to those things... that may be why she is having bad dreams-she just needs to get settled and she will catch up with her life. Unfortunately this can take months-especially when jumping from a system you have been in for 5 YEARS (give or take an activity or 2) to an entirely new system, right?
And Abby has a working mind...when you posted that photo of her doing meditation and I then read this it made me think. Maybe she NEEDS some sort of relaxation exercise to help her go to sleep. My mind keeps me up at night and, while I was living with dad and Lisa, I started meditating every morning and every night and found that it was a HUGE amount of relief from all those thoughts that went through my head non-stop. Do you think there might be a kids' version of meditation that you could get her to try when you guys get done reading at night?
Just a thought.
Love you!
Love A*F<