Sunday, August 3, 2008


Tomorrow we go to Meet the Teacher, and I'm really excited. We found out their teachers last week and I think we've got two really great ones. Their classes are right across from each other, so that's really great, too.
Abby is very excited, but Sarah is feeling a bit nervous. When I ask what exactly worries her, she says it's the size of the school. "It's so big, and there are so many kids." I know she'll be fine - we know 3 girls in her class and her teacher looks really sweet. But I feel for her, and I'm sorry she's scared. I hope tomorrow she'll be brave and bold, with no tears.
Surprisingly, I'm not feeling weepy. Maybe Thursday will be harder than I think, but I'm hoping my excitement will quell any first-day sadness. If anyone has any tips for keeping my sanity that first day, please let me know! My sister says that I absolutely cannot come home to an empty, quiet house that day. I'm sure she's right, so I've got to make a plan.

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