Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Hole in the Ceiling / James Knocks Poke

Sarah told me about their science experiment today. I'm sure I'll miss some steps, but I think it went like this:
"We took a jar and put some water in it, then we put some tablets in the water, kind of like the tablets that turned the water a color, but bigger, and these didn't change colors, and then you put the lid on, and then the bubbles start, and get really really big, and the pressure builds up (yes, she did say this!), and then the top blew off and hit the ceiling and made a hole in the ceiling!"
Abby's eyes were so big after this story, and she said, "Wow - I really want to see that hole before the men come to board it up!" I'm guessing (hoping) that the hole wasn't that big!
I wish: a) that my kindergarten teacher had been this cool, and b) that someone had a video of this event. I would love to see the kids faces! I asked if the teacher was upset or laughing, because I wanted to know if this was the intended result. Sarah said that Mrs. K just said, "That's cool!"
Updated after an email from Debbie: the tablet was Alka Seltzer, and the "jar" was a film canister. Why didn't I think of that? So I'm guessing it's just a tiny hole!

On another note, we've been learning Presidents after dinner each night. Debbie and I found these cool Presidents flashcards at the Dollar Spot at Target, and they have pictures on the front and tons of facts about each President. So we're talking about one each night, and trying to remember them. Some are easier than others. We always get #4, James Madison, but we struggled with #5 until we came up with the rhyme "there are two Jameses in a row, the second one is James Monroe" . Then we know that #6 is the son of #2, so that helps. Tonight we got to #11 - James Knox Polk. This is a hard one to remember - 3 names, 2 of which are very unusual. So Abby decided to knock on the table for "knocks"/Knox and poke me with her finger for "poke"/Polk (it's close!) I thought that was pretty ingenious - and I'll bet we remember it tomorrow!

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