Monday, August 25, 2008

Sarah's love affair

Sarah LOVES her teacher. Yesterday we went to the Dollar Tree, just for an outing, and Sarah wanted to buy a present for her teacher. She got her a little glass paperweight with an etched butterfly in it. She wrapped it carefully and took it to school with her today. I remember feeling the same way about my first grade teacher, Mrs. Towey - I loved her and I learned so much from her. I remember more about my first grade year than I do about any other year. Mr. Funny Bunny readers. A file box filled with ideas for stories. The reading corner. Visiting Mrs. Towey at her house, because she lived down the street and I liked to go say hi.
I'm happy that Sarah has the same relationship with her new teacher. And I definitely know why she feels this way - Mrs. K is really awesome.

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